Contract Metallurgical Operations Blurb

Contract Metallurgical

This is the core function and focus of the Company. The team has extensive experience in the evaluation of such projects.

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Process Design Blurb


The team have all had experience in design work in various spheres in the industry.

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Feasability Studies Blurb


The team has carried out a number of these on behalf of various clients, and often included testwork, utilising the available metallurgical laboratories, as appropriate.

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We add value to our clients' business Our service for you

Plant and Project Optimisation Blurb

Plant & Project

The depth of the operational experience vested within the company allows efficient evaluation of a client plant.

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Project & Construction management Blurb

Project & Construction

MRD can project manage the complete design and/or construction of small, medium or large projects and plant modifications.

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Plant Modifications Blurb


The operational experience within MRD is also utilised to ensure that the plant operator will have a practical plant that is operator and maintenance friendly

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  • MRD’s Vision
  • MRD’s Mission
  • MRD’s Values

We will be the customers’ first choice for all his Metallurgical concerns. We will apply the vision, experience and energy of a strong team to the pursuit of a profitable growth.

We will develop innovative, cost effective solutions for our customers by applying our experience base and new technology where required.



  • Our Customers are our “partners” in all projects and we value gaining the preferred status by delivering the projects and services that will fulfil customer requirements

  • MRD values its people.
  • Working in partnership to find solutions and to deliver expected results
  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Communicate effectively at all levels

  • Generate profits and create shareholders value through outstanding service
  • Health and safety of employees and their communities.
  • Preserving the environment for future generations